Deposit Support Specialist

A Deposit Support Specialist is responsible for promoting good customer relations with a friendly demeanor and willingness to help at all times and honor customer confidentiality. You will provide excellent customer service to our clients by helping customers manage their accounts; answer questions regarding the banks products and services; troubleshoot problems related to customers' accounts; research and solve issues as they arise; input customer and bank data; cross-sell bank products and open new accounts. As a Deposit Support Specialist you will exercise considerable independent judgment as you perform daily job responsibilities alongside other staff members to maintain the efficient operation of the bank.

1. Serve as primary contact for new account openings and cross sale of other products and services to customers and prospects.
2. Assist customers with routine account-related requests such as but not limited to: new accounts, funds transfers, stop payments, inquiries about all bank products, service charges, account holds and funds availability.
3. Initiate conversation with customers to uncover their banking needs.
4. Handle customer issues with professionalism by clarifying the customers complaint; determining the cause of the problem; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem; expediting correction or adjustment and following up to ensure resolution.
5. Act as a contact person for branch personnel in regards to account support by answering questions and helping branch manager.
6. Refer customers to people who specialize with the type of problem or query they present.
7. Assist on teller line when needed.

1. Perform other duties and projects as required by supervisor.
2. Demonstrate strong analytical and problem solving skills.
3. Demonstrate sound and logical decision-making abilities.
4. Adheres to policy & procedures.

As a deposit support specialist you will develop rapport with the customer base, greet them by name, be responsive and timely with correspondence and problem resolutions and display a caring attitude. You may help with branch opening and closing duties. You must be able to interact confidently and comfortably with the public, take initiative and utilize sound judgment to make decisions and work positively and cooperatively with a team.

To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:
Accuracy and Quality- Ability to achieve a high standard with work processes and outcomes, is able to complete task with a concern for all details involved; monitors and checks work for precision, clarity and completeness; produces quality results.
Continuous Learning- Ability to take responsibility for your own learning and development by acquiring and refining of technical and professional skills needed in job related areas; ability to proactively seek performance feedback and identify approaches to improve your own performance.
Verbal Communication- Communicates information (facts, ideas, or messages) in a succinct and organized manner; produces written information which may include technical material that is appropriate for intended audience.
Dependability- Ability to make oneself available for work on a consistent and timely basis with infrequent unplanned absences; ability to ensure work responsibilities are covered when absent; ability to follow instruction, and respond to managers direction.
Prioritization/Time Management- Ability to assess multiple tasks or issues which are competing for a limited amount of time or resources and effectively determine order in which each will be addressed; ability to set priorities, goals and timetables to achieve maximum productivity; ability to track both completed and incomplete activities.
Teamwork - Ability to work cooperatively with others as part of a formal or informal team to accomplish bank goals; ability to respect the needs, ideas and contributions of others; ability to contribute to and accept consensus; ability to discus your own objectives to the bank or their team. Ability to focus on solving conflict, not blaming; ability to maintain confidentiality.
Customer service - Ability to provide internal and external customers with the highest quality of customer service that meets their needs in a timely efficient and professional manner; ability to follow up on customer complaints, questions or requests.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.